Where to stay?

ChiswickIf you are travelling to Chiswick Christian Centre from out of the area it may suit you to find somewhere to stay overnight nearby. Around Chiswick there is a variety of accommodation options to suit your budget.


Below, we have provided list of suitable places to stay, whether your looking for a quiet B&B or somewhere a little more lively. This information is provided in good faith, but listing here does not imply endorsement by Chiswick Christian Centre. We do not accept any liability for errors, or omissions.


Please be aware that Chiswick Christian Centre does not provide host accomodation. Therefore, please ensure that before arriving at any conference that you have made arrangements for your accomodation.





Best Western Chiswick


Moran Hotel Chiswick


Bed & Breakfast


The Way to Stay, Hammersmith. (Christian Bed & Breakfast)


Fairlawn Grove Bed & Breakfast


Chiswick Lodge


Chiswick Park Guest House


Swan Private Guest House

Note: Inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation by Chiswick Christian Centre.