For over 160 years, Livability has worked with churches to develop social action. They believe the Church can be a significant force for change in disadvantaged urban areas.

Livability was formed in 2007 as a result of the merger between John Grooms and the Shaftesbury Society. It is one of the largest Christian charities providing local churches with the resources, advice and confidence to bring life to their community as well as offering a wide range of innovative services which support and empower disabled people.

They believe in putting their faith into action and challenging injustice. They are passionate about what the Church can do to combat the poverty, isolation and despair that scar our communities and  focusi on these issues helping churches change their communities.

Chiswick Christian Centre is one of the many link churches, which have a unique, ongoing relationship with Livability. We have been associated with the charity (starting when it was known as the Shaftesbury Society) for many years and are currently involved with pioneering community mission work.

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