Changed Lives


"The best decision I have ever made"


I became a Christian in October 2005. It was the best decision that I have ever made and there has not been a day gone by that I have regretted it. Since becoming a Christian there are so many things that I have to thank God for.

I have become so much happier and have a real positive outlook on life. I wake up in the morning so excited as I am unaware what God has planned for me and the divine appointments that he has planned.

I have been able to restore relationships with family and friends and my love for them has just increased ten fold. My love for everyone has just increased and I find myself smiling at strangers that I do not know.

I’ve reached out to many of my friends and offer to pray for them in time of need. Many of them do not know the Lord, however, they have been open and appreciative for prayer.

I have been healed of minor illnesses that I had for many years. I have been able to communicate to people in a new way.

I have met a new family (Chiswick Christian Centre) and have made some great friends who have made a huge impact on my walk as a baby Christian.

I have been made free of the burden of sin and have received a joy in my heart. I am no longer fearful of the future and have a hope and promise that my future is going to be bright.

I thank God for the closeness and new openness that God has given me and the freedom to leave my old way’s of the world. The happiness and freedom that I have is so amazing. Everyday I am able to get to know my father in heaven on a deeper level and for this I thank God.