Changed Lives


"The best decision I have ever made"


Sandeep became a Christian in October 2005. It was the best decision that I have ever made and there has not been a day gone by that I have regretted it. Since becoming a Christian there are so many things that I have to thank God for ... more



Sharon Sharon
"The doctor explained that they had all been baffled by my case"


Having suffered severe discomfort for some time, I visited my GP who arranged for me to have an ultra sound scan, in order to see if it was possible to identify the cause of the discomfort... more 

Bob Bob
Legs healed  during a conference!


I received a call from aPastor who is a good friend of mine, who often has dreams and visions about people; He said he had been getting the same dream over the last week about my wife Linda and me and needed to come and speak to us ... more

"I came all the way from South Africa to find Him"


I came all the way from South Africa to London to find “Him”. My life has never been the same. It has increased in such abundance of peace and happiness. For the first time in my 34 years of being on this earth I can say I have found God and I have a personal relationship with “Him”... more

Sue Sue
"I could not imagine my life without Jesus"

I have been a Christian for many years and I can’t imagine my life without God. I was widowed and was left with a very large young family to raise on my own. I could not imagine my life without Jesus, especially during this very challenging time...more



"With God all things are indeed possible"

At the time I decided to become a Christian I had no comprehension of how Jesus was going to impact my life. Over the years, I have, like many others, experienced some wonderful and some very tough times. But its the tough ones that we are least able to cope with... more



"He’s taken my life with past errors and is working something beautiful"


‘My life essentially revolved around the words “fun, money, women” and the question “Where’s the party?” The incentive to make money was so I could be the “main man” with all eyes on me. Every now and again I would get an attack of “conscience”... more 



Terrible leg pain healed!


After almost 4 years of praying for me and with me, and almost just as long trying to get me to visit a Healing Service, I went along with Michael and Jane to the Chiswick Christian Centre. There was to be a preacher from America visiting, called Dr James Maloney... more