What to Expect


What to ExpectWe were all new once

Its often daunting going into a new place as we wonder if we will be expected to do something that might make us uncomfortable or will we know what’s going on. We do hope you feel welcome and yet we will give you space to get involved as you feel comfortable. 

People often ask the same questions when they come to one of our meetings; so here are some answers to help you feel more at home with us. If you have questions please ask- either the person who introduced you to the church or one of the leaders.

Why we meet?

We meet because we are part of God’s family and we want to learn more about Him and express our worship to Him together.

How we worship?

Our worship together is expressed in many different ways with joy filled singing and dancing, to be still and waiting in His presence. Our main services are lead by a gifted worship team which seek to combine musical skills with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit may be leading in the service.

Some people may sit, some may stand or kneel or raise their hands or dance- all these are simply different ways to express ourselves before God, much as a crowd might express their feelings at a football match or when a celebrity is around. Jesus is our “celebrity” or our “team’s best player”!

What else might happen?

We also use “spiritual gifts” that God has given us. For example, some might get a “word of prophecy”, something they are sensing is a message from God. People might be prayed for to be healed. Sometimes people may fall down, cry or laugh when they are prayed for in reaction to the presence of God. The Ministry team will often assist in praying for people during and after the services.


The Talk

We take time in our meetings to listen to someone talk on a topic relevant to our lives drawing principles and examples from the Bible. This is known as a “sermon”. This is very important to us as we seek to walk in the blessings of God on a daily basis. We believe that our faith should impact how we live our lives and try to bring messages that will help people with their everyday busy lives in London.



“Communion” or “Breaking Bread” or the “Lord’s Supper” is something that we do because Jesus told us to. As we break and share the bread, drink the wine and pray together it reminds us of the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The broken bread reminds us of His Body broken on the cross and the wine reminds us of His shed blood- all for our forgiveness and restoration to God for now and eternity. There are also many other blessings that come through the Cross such as healing. Believers from all Christian traditions are welcome to participate.


What about money?

During our meeting an offering is taken up. This is announced before and takes place while a song of worship is sung when an offering basket is passed around. We call this an “offering” because no one is required to give anything unless they want to offer it. As a visitor there is no obligation to give anything.


The money is used in accordance with charity procedure for the general running costs of the church, for example to pay our staff, the numerous church ministries, managing the building, for church events and projects. We also support local and international ministries.


If people would like to further increase their gift. We pass around envelopes which include a Gift Aid section so that we can claim the tax back from the Government on each gift.