Church Life


Church LifeThere’s more to church than a gathering on Sundays. The church is not just a meeting, it is people who know and support one another throughout the week. We are committed to living the Christian life together and reaching out to the community around us.

The main church meeting is at 11am on Sunday and includes joyful worship, inspirational and practical Bible teaching, children’s Sunday school classes and refreshments. You would be most warmly welcome.

During the week we meet in Life Groups which focus on a specific area of interest or for a specific activity such as some of the following areas: prophetic outreach, community care, prophetic art, intercession, missions, a variety of relevant courses, worship and other areas.


These groups meet for prayer, worship, sharing and to reach out to others. They enable stronger relationship to develop, the opportunity to grow and serve, and for support to be given in a more individual way. The groups last around 12 weeks and run three times during the year.


Our desire is to see every member of the church nurtured and deepened in their faith through our Life Groups. Leaders are developed through these groups, so as the church grows everyone can still be given personal ministry.


Please explore our links on the left to find out more about some of the ministries that operate within our church family.