Our Vision

Our VisionChurch After The Heart of God

A church that has at the centre of all we do, a passionate pursuit of the Heart of God.


Loving God and One Another

A church that demonstrates in both heart and deed Christ’s Great Commandment

to love both God and one another.

Signs and Wonders of the Kingdom

A church without walls that not only preaches good news but demonstrates it with

the signs and wonders of the Kingdom.

Living in the Grace of God

A church where the grace of God is not only emphasised in our standing before God

but also in our working out of our salvation and lives as believers.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

A church where the Godhead is worshipped wholeheartedly in Spirit and truth.

Honouring the Presence of the Holy Spirit

A church where the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit is always honoured and welcomed. Where the Holy Spirit is free to move and transform our lives.

Making Strong Disciples of Christ

A church that through our services, life groups, conferences, equipping days, training courses, Bible school and ongoing relationships make strong and passionate disciples for Christ.

Developing Our Gifts

A church where every member is given the opportunity to develop and grow in their gifting and destiny in God.

Valuing and building up Families

We recognise that families are a key pillar in church life and society. As a church we seek to support and encourage them to be all that God intends them to be.

A Diverse Community of Believers

To a church which demonstrates the diversity of Christ’s Kingdom by welcoming all people from different backgrounds, ages, cultures and nations, to through Christ grow together in love, forgiveness and acceptance of one another.

A Place of Healing

A place of healing and love for our community and region.

Impacting the Spheres of Influence in Society

A church that affirms empowers and equips those whose primary calling is outside of the church, with a particular focus on impacting the key Spheres of Influence; Business, Faith, Media, Art, Education, Family, Government and Health Care.

Imaginatively Using Media

A church that imaginatively uses Media to communicate the Kingdom of God.

An Apostolic Resource Centre

A church that serves the wider body of Christ as an Apostolic resource centre making a positive impact for the Kingdom of God through conferences, equipping days, outreaches, Bible School, personal testimony to: our local community, our city/region, the nations.

A Mission Sending Church

To be a church that sends hundreds of people to the nations on both short and long term missions.

A House of Prayer

A church that seeks the face of God in regular intercession and prayer, growing to develop into a continuous 24/7 place of Prayer.

Planting Churches

A church that strategically plants churches into surrounding areas and towns in order to spread the Kingdom across on city and region.

Impacting Many Thousands

A church that grows to to impact many thousands for the Kingdom of God.