Christ's Great Desire


for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

Encouragement from High Places!

Recently our Prime Minister stated he believed the church should be more evangelistic about her faith! These follow on from the Queen’s recent open proclamations of her faith. When those in authority are speaking like this how much more encouragement does the church need to reach to others with the amazing good news of Jesus something is changing. Many are sensing a shift is taking place across the UK with openness to Christ in many unexpected places. Some perhaps relying on old methods of reaching the lost might say we’d tried and people are not ready. We believe it’s time to follow the words of Jesus to cast our nets out again but in a different way, on the other side of the boat. (John 21:6)

His Heart becomes our Heart
In this time of outpouring and encounter it’s vital we catch the true heart of Christ for those who don’t know Him. He has paid for the sins of the world and yet so many have never really heard of what He’s done for them. His joy explodes more when just one turn to Him then the ninety nine that are ready in Christ.(Matt 18:13) His passion and emphasis is to get back what was lost. Lost not just in themselves but to a Father God, who longs to have a unique relationship with them.

Finding the Sons/Daughters of Peace

There have been numerous models of evangelism, many adopt a hit as many as you can approach, similar to a business sales model. However, by far the most people come to Christ through a friend. Jesus outlined this approach generally in Luke 10. Jesus talks about finding a ‘son of peace.’(Lk 10:6) The Holy Spirit is already working in the hearts of many completely outside the church. As we are sensitive we discover folk who are open, often in unexpected places. Our peace rests on them when we’re around. Often the love of God draws us in a significant way. Jesus then speaks about spending time, eating and drinking with them.(Lk10:7) Many need to know we really care about them as a person. In time opportunities come to minister as needs are shared, Jesus calls us to, ‘heal the sick there.’(Lk10:9) As people are touched by the Holy Spirit that then gives us a wonderful opening to tell them what Christ has done for the whole of them. Intellectual arguments in this post-modern world rarely win hearts. When people experience the love of God in healing and encounter there is nearly always a hungry to know more and receive the One who touched them.

May His Spirit lead us into Christ’s heart for the lost and enable us to reach many with the His amazing message of good news.


With our love & prayers

Pastors Phil & Caroline